festivals2The first step is you’re willing to recognize that you think differently than I do, and you’re willing to get over those things. We have these borders that we’ve created with countries, and the idea that it’s not possible to work together, and circus proves, no, it is possible.Rob Torres – American Clown

For 2 months in December 2009 and January 2010 We filmed in France, Germany, Holland, London, Italy, and Monaco. We also filmed circus in Canada, Peru & the U.S.

Map – Filming in Europe

Following five circus acts from around the world to the ‘Academy Awards’ of circus competitions, the Monte Carlo Circus Festival, the film reveals the behind the scenes life, history, and culture of circus on an international scale as never done before. At stake is the equivalent of an Academy Award, recognition, respect, and guaranteed work – it’s the Golden Clown!

The circus has a culture of its own, beyond age, country and time, where differences are suspended and magic and art unite.

Highly overlooked and often put into the category of “freak show”, the film will uncover how huge the world of circus is. The film captures clowns being asked for autographs and sold out tents holding 5,000 people for 2 shows a day. Not accepted by the U.S. government as an art, Europe and other country’s governments have. This is circus in Europe, this is the reality.