Post Production Team

The finishing Post Production team really put the cherry on top of all the work Ian Issitt and I did filming in Europe, Canada & the US. 
  • EDITING: Emma Morris, award winning editor, whittled down the 200 hours of footage to tell a gripping, smooth, and deep story. That process took about 20 weeks.
  • MUSIC: Charles Newman, composer and engineer/producer for bands such as The Magnetic Fields, composed an amazing sound track to the film that enhances the visuals and story beyond what I could have hoped for. There are also a few tracks of music that will be from well known, and lesser well known, indie bands.
  • GRAPHICS: Vince Clemente, filmmaker & graphic designer, swept in & cleaned up all the graphics and text to really give the film all the pieces of a clean & professional film. His most recent film – “Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters”
  • OTHER ESSENTIAL PEOPLE: the translators, advisers, and those who gave feedback during test screenings lent their time and wonderful brains for the film. 


Articles & Posts about the Film – Updated

Updated list of recent article written about the film. See below post for past articles on the film.

(hopefully none were missed!)

Blog Posts: 



Popular Culture Association Conference – Boston – April 13th

42nd Annual PCA/ACA National Conference in Boston April 13th, 2012

As part of the circus panels on Friday the 13th, a 10min preview of the film was shown along with a Q&A by Director / Producer Angela Snow.

It was great to be a part of an academic conversation on circus, sideshows, and carnivals and how they relate to us today in society.


Fundraising Video & Thanks


The 30 day online fundraiser has been intense, and regardless of the final amount raised, it has caused some exciting new leads and every dollar raised allows the film to finish sooner. Every dollar will be used towards editing, biding the time until the next big funder or the next big grant to finish the film.

Have you watched the 3min video made especially for the fundraiser? CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO 

A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who supported the film during this fundraiser with a donation or with sharing the link. It is truly appreciated and keeps us strong while we push to finish this amazing film.


Melinda & Sacha Pavlata, of Moody Street Circus and Cirque Passion and Daughters of Rhea

Here’s what they said “Angela Snow and To the Moon Productions are performing an invaluable service by bringing this World Circus Culture Documentary to the public. Now everyone will appreciate circus arts and have a greater understanding of brave, hardworking and dedicated circus performers even MORE! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt circus journey with us Angela! Good luck with fundraising and finishing this worthy project!” 

Paul Binder, founder of the Big Apple Circus

Here’s what he said, ” This is a special project and a beautiful film. I love what I’ve seen so far and enjoy participating in its creation.” 

Many more “thank yous” will show up on the big screen when the film is done! 


30 DAYS TO RAISE $12,000!



See how you can help get this film done!

In return YOU GET REWARDS –  like Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus tickets, signed DVDs from documentary filmmaker Ken Burns, circus photos from Jim Moore, circus magnets, circus calendars and MORE!


10min clip to screen in Monte Carlo, Jan 2012

Thanks to the World Circus Federation, a 10min clip from the film will screen at some of the conferences and meetings that coincided with this years Monte Carlo Circus Festival January 19 – 29th.


Finalist in Pitch Contest for $5,000!

Saturday, OCTOBER 29th in New York City:

Director / Producer Angela Snow will be pitching the film in front of an audience of 200 and 5 judges.

The film was selected as 1 of 5 finalists to win $5,000. Come support if you’re in the area!


2010 Articles Published on the Film:

Articles have appeared in: 

  • MAY 2010: CIRCO  (Italian Circus Fans magazine)
  • AUGUST 2010: Spectacle –  5 page spread (a journal of circus arts)
  • OCTOBER 2010: Kaskade  (European Juggling Magazine)
  • JANUARY / FEBRUARY 2010: White Tops (Circus Fans of America magazine)
  • JANUARY 2010: Reel Chicago, article (U.S. online film magazine)
  • JANUARY 2010: write-up in  The New England Center for Circus Arts Newsletter
  • FEBRUARY 2010: write-up in Circus Development Agency / Circus Arts Forum Newsletter
  •, online German publication


Websites link to the film

Posts and links about the film appear in:



  • JUNE 2010: Director/Producer Angela Snow Presented to the World Circus Federation Board meeting in Montreal Canada
  • 2009 and 2010: World Circus Culture was a finalist for the Roy W. Dean Film Grant