“WORLD CIRCUS is a great documentary! It’s immediately evident, that filmmaker Angela Snow has a keen respect, eye and love for Circus and it shows from opening to last frame. We were honored to screen this beautifully made and told doc, at our fest.”

Rob Leddy
Festival Director
Coney Island Film Festival

“Filmmaker, Angela Snow, really captures both the emotion and effort of performing circus arts.  The hard work, long hours and history combined with camaraderie, laughter and exhilaration!  She also found people who eloquently speak of the circumstances of the circus as an art form in the United States as being different from that in Europe.  A fun and informative perspective on the Circus Arts!”

Elsie Smith

Artistic Director & Performer

NECCA (New England Center for Circus Arts) 

“It was a delight for our audience to discover that special circus acts participate in a very elite world competition. The film WORLD CIRCUS takes us behind the scenes of this fascinating arena in an entertaining and compelling way. Who wins doesn’t matter….but getting to know these extraordinary performers is an experience one never forgets.”

Segan Lewis

Program Director

Sedona International Film Festival

“WORLD CIRCUS was such a hit in Los Angeles, it drew out the top Circus community players. The reaction to the film was a rousing applause and many hands shot up at the Q and A moment.  A wonderful collaboration as our students performed for the pre show and it was a massive success all in all.”

Nathalie Yves Gaulthier

Le Stduio/Le PeTiT CiRqUe, Los Angeles

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